A Norwegian student is strolling the rainy streets of Manhattan wearinggrandpa’s old galoshes. That’s where it started.

Back in 2006, SWIMS was founded in Oslo, Norway and breathed new life into the almost-forgotten galosh. We started off with the simple idea of transforming the galosh, a purely practical utility product to a classy and branded lifestyle item with a bold personality. While Scandinavia is famous for clean and minimalistic design, Norwegian brands are particularly functional and have to adapt to the highly contrasting seasons they face at home. Norwegians, famous for fearlessly adapting between the heaviest winter months to the ‘warm’ summer months on the fjord, therefore require ultimate versatility and functionality. With this in mind, we allow the typical urban Scandinavian to look sleek with a touch of cheekiness, comfort and ultimate functionality fit for both slushy winter days in the city and warm days out on the boat during the summer season.

At SWIMS we love water. Whether we move in it under a bright blue sky or see it falling from the heavens above. Our love of water makes us relevant in almost every part of the world; on the way to the office or when heading for the beach.

SWIMS Philosophy

The philosophy of marrying true function with timeless classics is the foundation of SWIMS and is what originally gave birth to our Classic galosh. Throughout the years, with the same philosophy, we have developed the SWIMS loafer line. By accompanying our loafers and galoshes with perfectly befitting footwear, apparel and accessories, we have grown to serve the lifestyle of international urban travelers with a need for function, quality and design.

Through this, over the past 10 years SWIMS has become a vibrant and sought-after lifestyle brand. The more we grow, the more committed we are to our core philosophy. During the development process of new projects, we humorously often use the phrase: “to SWIMSify”. But make no mistake; this playful approach to design is always matched by an equally large commitment to the quality and the functionality of our products. Who says what is fun and friendly cannot also be great?


SWIMS 品牌故事

SWIMS是一个挪威的生活方式品牌,以重塑galosh套鞋)而闻名。 早在2006年,Swims最初的创立就是将传统的galosh从一个纯实用的实用产品转变为一个具有大胆个性和附加功能的优雅和品牌的生活方式。 SWIMS Galosh成为立竿见影的成功,并向所有的独家零售商发展。 振兴的galosh是基于结合真正的功能和永恒的经典哲学,这是一个伟大的遗憾,我们充满激情的文化,挑战传统的观点。 这些价值观在SWIMS loafer中真正明显,它赢得了大量的爱好者。 Loafer和它代表的一切已经成为另一个标志性的SWIMS典,现在是我们的产品的基石。 在SWIMS我们喜爱水:我们在一个蓝色,阳光普照的天空下移动,从灰色的天空看到它。 我们的水的爱好者使我们在世界的几乎每一个部分相关无论是在去办公室或去海滩的路上。 在过去的10年里,SWIMS已经成长为一个充满活力和理想的生活方式品牌。 我们越是成长,越是坚定我们的核心理念。 通常在新项目的开发过程中,我们幽默地使用短语“to SWIMSify”。但不要犯错误这种俏皮的设计方法总是与对我们的产品的质量和功能的同样大的承诺相匹配。